Hello – I’m a guy with a video camera.

My education began with studying (Visual) Anthropology in Amsterdam, Toronto and Leiden to graduate in 2009, with a Master in Broadcast Journalism. After my studies, I developed myself into a versatile documentary filmmaker, directing projects ranging from a TV documentary about Olympic windsurfing to a narrative commercial for the Dutch Railroads.

I’m into storytelling with real characters – both for documentary and brand films. I love the diversity of people and I love to hear their stories. What makes it count for me is to develop these stories into great little films.

As a freelance director, I collaborate with specialist in filmmaking, advertisement and journalism. If needed I can bring in my own network of creatives. I’m also comfortable grabbing my camera gear, operating as a solo directing cinematographer.

I’m always curious to hear about new stories. You can send me a message using the contact details below.

Maarten Kal Story Collective

Camera Equipment
Canon C300 MKII
Canon EOS cinema lenses (complete set)
2 x LED lights on tripod
Laveliere microphones and boom
Vocas Rigging, tripod etc.
Mavic Pro Drone

Edit Studio
Editing: Adobe Creative Studio
Color Grading: Da Vinci Resolve