Voices of Vincent


Vincent hears voices and wonders where they come from. Guided by two elderly psychiatrists and the tones of his Sarangi, he starts a search within himself. Are the voices hallucinations or spirits from another world?

Voices of Vincent is a project that I initiated myself. The film had its premier at the Go Short International Film Festival, after which is was selected for many other festivals in the Netherlands and abroad. Newspaper NRC Handelsblad wrote a large article about our project. I was also happy to show the film at several conferences, which often sparked interesting discussions about its themes.

That way we had the chance to show the film to medical doctors, art lovers and anthropologists. Based on the audience, we would talk about the films different themes; the possibility of art as a medicine, the western focus on seeing schizophrenia as an illness or the severe side effects of medication.

Go Short International Film Festival Nijmegen (première) – 2017
American Documentary Film Festival – USA, 2018
Cineblend Film Festival Amsterdam – 2017
Muestra Internacional Documental de Bogota – Colombia, 2017
Saratov Sufferings Film Festival – Russia, 2017
Sczcecin European Film Festival – Poland, 2017
Nida Short Film Festival – Lithuania, 2017
FICSAM Mental Health Festival – Portugal, 2017
NRC Handelsblad – online screening – 2017
Psychosenet – online screening – 2019
DocuPodium Amsterdam – 2017
Eindhoven Film Festival – 2017
Paaspop Festival Schijndel – 2017
DOCFeed Eindhoven – 2018
Ammehoela Film Festival – Amsterdam – 2018
Groningse Nieuwe – 2018
AISRR – Anthropology Screening Room UvA – 2017
College ter Beoordeling van Geneesmiddelen – 2017
Wereld Stemmenhoordag Nederland – 2017, 2018
Stichting Anton Constandse Den Haag – 2017, 2018


Platform: Film Festivals
Agency: Story Collective
Work: Director

Director – Maarten Kal
Script Advisor – Lidija Zelovic
Cinematography – Nina Badoux
Editor – Alexander Goekjian
Sound Recordist & Design – Raoul Popma
Producer – Elsa Schagen, Latoya Van Der Meeren
Music -Vincent Swierstra
Voices – Daniel Boissevain & Bob Stoop
Color Grade – Fernando Barrientos
Poster Photography – Dim Balsem
Poster Design – Len Rooth