The UN Organization for Migration (IOM) asked us to make a documentary series about returning migrants. First we visited Fuad and Ifrah in Ethiopia and then we went to Happy and Kateness in Malawi. I shot this series on a small Sony FX3.

Their stories show a remarkable resilience. Fuad was living on the streets in Djibouti, while Ifrah’s passport was confiscated by her employer in Dubai. After remigration to their home country, the challenge is to start all over again.

IOM assists these people with programs for reintegration in their communities as well as providing job training and opportunities.

“Now I know why God gave me this name. Because he had plans for me” HAPPY

IOM is the organization from the United Nations that is involved with migration. This series of documentaries was shot in 24 countries. For IOM it is important to promote a more balanced narrative on return and sustainable reintegration.

Client: IOM
Agency: Beyond Borders Media
Work: Camera and Edit