Tales of Us


Storming Donkey – a Berlin based production company, developed a storytelling project in the remote Congo rainforest. They collected local myths, fairy tales and songs and developed those into a high-end photobook, a short film for kids and much more.

Storming Donkey’s producers asked me to join the creative team to the rainforest during two trips to shoot behind the scenes material for their projects. I followed local journalist Mounde during his mission to collect local stories. On a second trip, I shot a short documentary about Pieter Henket’s making of his photobook ‘Tales of Us’, which celebrates the local mythology of the regi

In “Congo Tales,” a new book about the second-largest tropical forest in the world, the story of a people and their home comes alive. – New York Times Book Review

 External Link: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/12/01/books/congo-tales-mbomo-pieter-henket.html

I was also the drone-operator for ‘The Story of the Little Fish and the Crocodile’, which shows a local myth which states a universal truth that nature abides by laws of its own.

Platform – Museums
Agency – Storming Donkey
Work – Director and camera