Nest TV


Nest is a large art exhibition space in The Hague. For their duo-expo 7 years old me with Wim T. Schippers and Daniël van Straalen, they asked me to make the accompanying film. A short teaser was used for online promotion. The entire film was displayed on two large screens during the exposition.

7 years old me
The sensitivity towards language, humour and the banality of the everyday are central topics in the exhibition 7 year old me. Nest shows Wim T. Schippers and Daniël van Straalen in a unique collaboration. In a playful, but serious manner, they attach value to seemingly worthless things. By disrupting existing, albeit invisible codes, the artists throw you back onto your own intuition, in which the anti-climax triumphs.

Client – Nest
Agency – NestTV
Work – Director, Camera and Edit