Dutch Photography Museum


The Dutch Photography Museum (Nederlands Fotomuseum) asked me to make a video installation to showcase the work of Jan Dirk van den Burg, who is our official Dutch National Photographer. In collaboration with the photographer, I made the video installation on three huge screens, in which we treat visitors on a tsunami of Dutch mediocrity.

Typical Dutch cheerfully rejects the idea that the Netherlands is ordinary. Counterexamples range from polder Buddhism to disguised wheelie bins and the ingenuity for the low maintenance front garden. This exhibition presents witty reflections and a unique view of the everyday. After viewing this exhibition, you will never look at your surroundings the same again. At every street corner you will stop and wonder: Why?

Typical Dutch is to be seen from 23 July until 30 October 2022 in Rotterdam. The music and soundscape was composed by Flavia Faas.

Client: Dutch Photography Museum
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