The Dutch New Year’s Eve is a unique tradition with people setting off their own fireworks. This phenomenon has been a matter of intense discussion for several years now. Due to the Corona pandemic there has been a total ban on consumer fireworks. This will be the ultimate test: can we live without it?

During New Year’s eve, my job was to follow fireman Mark and his squat during their night shift. The result is to be seen in the NTR documentary Uitgeknald? as broadcasted on 4 January 2021.

Klant: NTR 2DOC
Bureau: : Ministry of Frames & Media Brothers
Werk: Item-regie en camera

• Director Bas Goossens
• Editor in Chief Reinder Elzinga
• Editor in Chief NTR Patricia Greven
• Executive Producer Bas Schinkel
• Producer Lieve Claessens, Barend van Balen
• Item Direction Maarten Kal, Mark de Nijs
• Research Anna Meijer van Putten
• Camera Thomas van der Gronde, Thomas Leur, Maarten Kal, Mickey Vissers
• Sound Dennis Alink, Stephan Kos, Lieve Claessens, Marzouk Magouz
• Edit Sander Lith, Gerard Braam, Robin Delpeut, Niels Veenendaal
• Mediamanagement Tom van Dessel, Ivo Sanders
• Graphic Design Klaas-Thijs Postma
• Audio Post Stefan de Groen
• Color Grading Bas Goossens